Use Free Photo Filters to Beautify your Images

What’s your favorite photo effect? Here at Fotor, our professional photo editor provides hundreds of online photo effects and filters for you to choose from. From vintage photo effects, Lomo photo effects, and black & white effects, to old photo filters, artistic filters, and polaroid filters, you can explore so many great photo filters that will become your favorite and make your images amazing. Don’t stop there, though. Fotor also offers other online Instagram filters tools: text insertion, frames, etc. Take them out to edit your image for a spin and create something unique in minutes.

Use free photo filters to beautify your images

Free online photo effects are a great boon to the photo editor or creator on a shoestring budget. With Fotor’s effect photo editor, budget isn’t an issue. All you need to do is open your mind and let your imagination run free. Then, add the photo effect you like to your images and touch your photos quickly.

  • VSCO

If you prefer your editor to be kept simple, VSCO Cam is well worth a look. It can be used as a camera app as well as an Instagram photo editor app, meaning you can take better images in the first place as well as refine those you’ve already taken.

We like it because it’s simple. User-friendly sliders help you adjust the lighting, sharpness, saturation, and temperature as well as tinting and adding vignette effects to the photo. It’s available on both iOS and Android, free with all the basic tools and filters, although you can buy additional photo filter packs in the store.

  • Camera+

Camera+ is an excellent editing tool for beginner photographers. Unlike other apps, Camera+ allows for the user to use tools such as sensitivity and shutter speed when taking pictures. It is strongly recommended to use this app if you want the best quality pictures. It also possesses basic editing features like exposure and filters.

  • Canva

If you haven’t come across Canva yet, it’s absolutely a tool to investigate if you love beautiful Instagram images. Choose their ‘social graphic 800 x 800px’ template for the perfect Instagram image size and upload your own photo to the editor with a click.

Once uploaded, you can add wording, filters and more to perfect your image. We love the funky fonts and word layouts, which are perfect for creating those shareable quotes and inspirational memes for your followers to enjoy. The software is free online, and although you do have to pay for some of the images and fonts, there’s plenty to do without paying a penny.

  • Afterlight

Afterlight is a classic photo editor with basic tools such as brightness, clarity, contrast, exposure, saturation, toning, temperature, grain, vignette, shadows, and highlight. The app also possesses a wide arrange of filters to choose from. Afterlight’s Fusion tool is one of its greatest strengths. Fusion allows the user to combine their favorite filters into one blended filter, which means an endless game of mix and match.

  • Photoshop Elements

See a trend here? It’s hard to ignore that Adobe’s image editing suite provides all the essential tools and settings for stunning imagery. Photoshop Elements is another great tool that focuses on file organization and intelligent editing. Design fun collages of your family, and then share them with everyone. Take it a step further and turn your memories into tangible gifts, artwork, and even souvenirs.

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